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Crack Seal

Don’t let your money slip through the cracks

While it may not always look pretty, sealing the cracks in your pavement is one of the most efficient ways to increase the life span of your assets! Unfortunately, this method of pavement maintenance is also one of the most botched in the industry. Between selecting the proper cracks to be sealed, prepping them, and filling them with the proper material, many mistakes can be made, any one of which can result in a significant loss of capital with nothing to show for it except an uglier parking lot. In other words, you need an expert!

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Parking Lot Crack Seal
Parking Lot Crack Seal

Less Is More

Rather than using outdated methods like the “spray and pray”, The Striping Experts rely on up-to-date proven methods to ensure your pavement assets retain their value and their function for as long as possible. We carefully study the layout of your parking lots and strategically choose which cracks to seal. This results in stronger pavement, better aesthetics, and more money in your pocket!

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