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First impressions matter, and, for many businesses, the first thing their customers see is the parking lot. When it’s time to get those first lines down, it’s imperative that they impress. Fortunately, creating pristine parking lots from scratch is our specialty. That’s why national brands, like Starbucks, hire us. Because they know that we treat their property like our own, and will get it right the first time, leaving your customers wowed every time.

Benefit Focus

While we do have many national brands as our clients, we never overlook the little guy. From giant layouts to putting back a few handicaps, we always bring our A-game and give the same attention to detail, regardless of client, service, or scope.

Seal Coating


The culmination of all three services, Ingles is the proof in the pudding that our methods are superior. Every section was sprayed with the highest accuracy possible, and the lines and stencils all matched and were calculated to the inch. As a result, in 2022, we were entrusted with the entire pavement portfolio of Ingles Corporation, where we continue to bring the highest quality expertise and service every day.

Magnolia Park

Sealing a property with a multitude of tenants, traffic, and parking lots isn’t easy. Not just anyone could pull it off. So call The Striping Experts and let us handle it. The results speak for themselves, and you won’t have any regrets.

Crack Seal

Rock Springs Baptist Church

While it may not look like much, the crack seal shown here will save this church thousands of dollars and years of life on their pavement assets. When property managers hire us to crack seal, they can rest easy, knowing that the future of their investments is in good hands.

Riverbend Condos

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